Monday, 12 April 2010


Another important milestone completed this weekend, with no little help from Dad (thanks Dad!). The bathroom is tiled and grouted! It was a bit epic, but about 12 hours of work finally saw the Herculean labour completed. Really, really satisfying to get it all done - complete with diamond-tipped circular saw fun with tiny marble tiles.....

A proud father brings the tiled marble look into the world

Working hard at the micro-tiles....

Grouted and gorgeous

Not to mention the shower cubicle - note
the very fiddly half tiles in the corner....heroes at work

Also a good stretch of the chicken wire fence along the old boundary removed, and now 74 species on the garden list - recent additions being Feral Pigeon (!), Willow Warbler, Great Black-backed Gull and Sand Martin. On the wet patch two fields west, there has been quite a ot of goose activity - several pairs of Greylags and Canadas, plus two Shelduck and (better still) a Blashford tick in the form of two Egyptian Geese.

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