Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Demolition derby

The fun jobs are so often the destructive ones. After hours spent removing the coving in the dining room and the "blue" bedroom yesterday (smash! bang! crowbar!), today it was the turn of the "green" bedroom.

First to go were the rather grotesque fitted wardrobes - kerbam! Huge fun destroying MFI's finest handiwork, with a combination of screwdriver, hammer and judicious use of the foot....

It was amusing to unwire all the complex electricals hidden behind as well, and a bit of insulating tape finished the job and made it safe.

Next, however, was a purely mechanical number - the unwanted fireplace! Here's what it looked like back in October 2009:

But a few minutes with a brick chisel and huge amounts of heroism did THIS to it!

Now we just need to learn how to brick it all up again, and it'll be ready for a coat of fresh plaster!

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