Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Easter action

Post our return from the Morocco school trip, we had our good friends Chris and Jacky down from Norfolk to visit over the Easter weekend. It was great to catch up, and of course to enjoy a day at our Rupert has been very busy smashing things up, but the corner has now been turned, with the bathroom now recognisable, and tiling imminent.

Despite his bad knee, Chris managed to be very helpful in the destruction of more logs, and added a great bird to the garden list (as he annoyingly did with Lesser Whitethroat back in Winchester 10 years ago!) - RED KITE! A very smart 1st winter wheeling about over the field and driftng north over Snails Lake.

Other new birds this week have been rather more predictable - Swallow, House Martin (but no Sand Martin yet - although they are "in" in numbers at the Lakes), Chiffchaff and (some quality here) a female Goldeneye overhead. Now up to 70 species! There are still a few Bramblings about, looking smarter by the day, as well as plenty of Reed Buntings looking resplendent, and regular visits from Great Spotted Woodpeckers. Even the Rooks tried their hand at feeding from the fat balls yesterday!

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