Sunday, 24 January 2010


Another first - an overnight stay, albeit campsite style, in The Willows. On Saturday, Guy and Carolyn dropped by for tea and a viewing of the estate (we think they approved).

After a good feed and some locally brewed ale at the Redshoot Inn, we had a not terribly comfortable night (camp beds etc.), but we managed to get enough sleep, and did a bit of a blitz on Sunday morning - in the sitting room, we painted the ceiling (which really did make a big difference) and finished preparing the walls - tests suggest they should take the emulsion OK as they are - we hope....!

Outside, we decided to have a go at the smallest (!) Leylandii hedge, the one just outside the sitting room, which effectively blocks a lot of the view down the garden....or should I say blockED.....because to our amazement, we clobbered the whole thing - well, at least back to the trunks, which will have to wait for another day.

Birdwise, things continue to get ever better - unbelievable, really. As well as great views of up to five Bramblings, new species for the list were Nuthatch, Gadwall, Blackcap and (top bird) a single Redpoll visiting the feeders. Mega, really.

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