Sunday, 31 January 2010

I'm on a bus!

Super-technology on board a National Express bus brings you this post - I am on the M3 and on the information superhighway as well!

Another camping weekend, but this time for Simon alone - Julia had a big yoga day today. But we both had a few hours and an evening meal in our house, as well as enjoying a roaring fire.

A cold night and a hard frost on Sunday - lots of painting to be done, doing the second coat in the sitting room, which Julia started on Friday. A great accompaniment to hearing Andy Murray losing in Melbourne. Lots of bird activity while I worked - no fewer than SIX Redpolls today, plus a Wren, a Kestrel actually IN the garden, and the usual (!) Reed Buntings and Bramblings.

After lunch, Olly Cracknell dropped by to take a look at the Leylandii - he'll get back to us with a quote! And then it was to work in the yoga room - ripped out the louvre-door wardrobe (managing to drop the upper door on my head - ouch! Big lump.....), attacked almost all of the wallpaper and winced at the apparent re-plastering job to be done....

Rather later than planned, I set off on foot for Ringwood, successfully finding the back route to town along the Avon Valley Way and through the houses - about 20 minutes at a reasonable lick. And now we're virtually there!

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