Friday, 25 February 2011

More action - of various kinds

Lots of change this week - and lots of VERY hard work!

The pond is now "finished", in the sense that the edges are all tucked under and covered, and we can now think about doing a spot of planting! And the bed on the left hand side is dug over and ready to go, too.

The ornamental cherries are all down to ground level (high masculinity points with the chainsaw for Simon - including getting the chain resharpened, refitting the chain, AND not cutting any limbs off), and either chopped for firelogs, stacked (brash) in a new dead hedge down the end of the garden, or making up part of the new amphibian logpile by the pond. We'll get Olly to grind out the stumps when the ground is a bit drier.

Less directly to our credit, but still a major watershed moment (as it were) was the emptying of the cesspits! Ugh! A whole new world of horror and subterranean disgust....but the good news is that all was functioning as it should, and we probably won't need to get it done for another two years at least. Excellent....

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