Sunday, 5 September 2010

More rendered unto Caesar (thanks for that, Dad....)

Rendering now complete! Simon also repaired the coping (more Y-chromosome DIY talk there) on the patio wall, and repointed (see?) the brickwork where necessary. Actually not that hard...I mean, very manly and difficult work. Thompson's Waterseal applied Sunday morning ready for masonry paint whenever.

Simon coping rather well

Biodiversity - moth sugaring attempted on the field fenceposts last night for the first time - lots of moths just an hour after dark, none of them new or very spectacular, but at least a proof of principle! Also some delicious Parasol mushrooms picked and cooked from near Rockford Lake. Yum. Let's hope they were Parasols, and I'm still here to blog tomorrow....

Postscript - see this page to see what the Parasols looked like. Just don't tell Bob I ate some of them.....

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