Sunday, 1 August 2010

Home at last

We really do have our own home now! John Lewis did their business on Friday morning, delivering our new sofa, bed and guest bed, and the place is genuinely like home now we have in bedding, proto-curtains (Julia is still working hard on these....) and all sorts of our own "stuff". These photos don't really do it justice - it's amazing.

Sir Simon & Lady Muck at home

The "spare" spare room - as yet unnamed - it might be
the Yoga Room, the Bamboo Room, or The Office.....

The actual spare bedroom....

...examined by a curious passer-by

"Where's my dinner?"

Madam in her boudoir

Plush and shiny in the bathroom

On the wildlife front, we added several new moths (e.g. V Pug, Poplar Kitten, Peacock, Red Twin-spot Carpet and so on), and an excursion to turn off the trap at 0500 on Friday flushed a full buck Fallow Deer from the field, over the fence and away into the wood. The Great Crested Grebes on Snails Lake have at least one well-grown youngster, and the juvvie Buzzards continue to make their presence noisily felt.

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