Monday, 26 July 2010

Nearly there....

More pretty epic progress over the last few days - all the skirting is now fitted (not without difficulty - glue, failed screws and finally masonry nails needed!), painted and looking great, all the filling and caulking is done, all the internal electrics are complete, and virtually all the touching up of paint is done. We are on the verge of being ready for the carpets to arrive....

And we had a very pleasant day on Monday, with a visit from Nicky Plewes and her two young sons. Great to catch up after MUCH too long - and much scoffing of Mini-rolls and other "delicacies" was done.

Nicky with her troupe of semi-house trained Orang-utans

And best of all, Rupert turned up to finish up the boiler/heating job - radiators tightened and inhibitor added. Result!

Rupert helps us lose our inhibitions

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