Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Sad news.... and a family frenzy

First, some very sad news to report - the end of the road for our oldest and much-loved cat - Willow. We were biased towards "The Willows" as soon as we saw the name, but we both had a feeling that he'd be like Moses - never quite reaching the promised land. Goodbye, old friend - you will always be remembered.

Willow, 1992-2010, RIP

MUCH more positively, there is progress to report, wildlife to write about, and a major family conflab to be happy about. We've started mist-coasting the new plaster (lots done actually), although the damp issue in the western wall is a bit worse than we thought, so we're going to have to go back a stage and have a DPC done.

Simon plays misty for us both

Zaz the electrician has done his survey, and is ready to roll very soon, and we have definitely turned the corner ready for a summer of construction to balance a winter and spring of destruction!

Wildlife-wise, we've been blessed with lots of Hobby sightings, plus Lapwings much in evidence (have they got young yet?), deer scat, more baby Rabbits and best of all, lots of Odonata! Top species has definitely been a brief Scarce Chaser, a nationally rare species which has only recently colonised the Hampshire Avon. Top banana!

The moth trapping has been good too, with Elephant Hawk-moth new, plus Lesser Swallow Prominent and lots more. Just off site, but worth a mention here, was a lifer for us in Bob's Blashford moth trap:

Brussels Lace

And on Sunday, a huge descent of Casson and Kemps made it a really fun day in the sun - walks, food, drink, cricket, mower rides and lots of catching up - great stuff!

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