Monday, 24 May 2010

No pictures - but progress (slowly!)

We are getting there - really! The plastering is now all done, and Rupert has all but finished. He did the woodworm treatment this week, and all that's left are about three tiny little jobs involving doors and floorboard nails.

Garden wise, the central shrub bed over the septic tank (see this photo) has gone, and we've started turfing it with sods dug (with difficulty) out of the field, where the veg bed will eventually go. All a bit complicated, really! The bamboos don't look happy, but that's perhaps inevitable, and there are signs of life at the roots. The willow hedges are fine - remarkably fine, in fact! We found we have a Wisteria (even some flowers) emerging from the west wall flowerbed.

Wildlife-wise, highlights have been Holly Blue, Common Heath moth, two Hobbies midweek and lots of teneral damselflies whizzing about.

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